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New Mobile Aire™ System and Pressure Test Kit

(PDF)   (HTML) - March 2005 - Vortron updates it's Mobile Aire™ blower air-knife system with a redesigned cart to enhance mobility. Also available is the new pressure test kit for evaluating the performance of your blower air-knife systems.

Vortron's New Z40e Centrifugal Blower

(PDF) (HTML) - Sept 2004 - Vortron engineers utilize the latest advancements in turbomachinery technology to develop the AirPower® Z40e centrifugal blower, a new and improved version of Vortron's original Z40.

A Closer Look at Compressed Air Blow-Off Claims

(PDF)   (HTML) - April 2004 In response to recent advertisements that mask the true, high cost of blow-off using plant compressed air, Vortron offers a more realistic method of calculating annual energy costs and comparing blow-off systems. This article also includes a direct comparison of our air-knife systems to an advertised compressed air blow-off system.

Air Knife Drying Applications: Vegetable Processing

(PDF)   (HTML) - Feb 2004 - where Vortron's air-knife systems can provide a performance level superior to that of a standard compressed air system. This article specifies two types of produce which require the performance of a high-efficiency air-knife system for adequate drying prior to packaging and distribution. It also includes an operating cost comparison of our blower/air-knife systems with standard compressed air.

Applications Overview, Demo Unit Update

(PDF)   (HTML) - Jan 2004
An overview of the various applications that Vortron's blowers have been involved in. Also, an article tracing the route that our 7.5 hp Mobile-Aire demo unit has taken across the United States over the past several months.

Vortron's Blowers in Battery Manufacturing

(PDF)   (HTML) - Dec 2003 - A recognized leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries improves the efficiency of their processing facility by installing an automated flow-through battery cleaning sytem that utilizes a Vortron Z40 blower and air knives.

High Efficiency Blowers vs. Compressed Air Systems

(PDF)   (HTML) - Oct 2003 - A reduction in kW consumption can be acheived by reducing the hosepower requirements of your air blow-off system. Upgrading to a high-efficiency centrifugal blower will reduce HP requirements without compromising the pressure and flow rate of your system.

Three Ways to Increase Plant Efficiency

(PDF)   (HTML) - Aug 2003 - Explains how the implementation of a high-efficiency air blow-off system can increase production, lower rejection rates, and reduce electrical consumption for a bottling/canning or product finishing plant.

Conveyor Bottling Applications

July 2003 - An introduction to the use of blow-off/air-knife systems in conveyor bottling applications. Also features an article on new tax cuts for equipment purchases.

Ford's Model-U Hydrogen ICE, Airknife Overview

May 2003 - Ford uses Vortech (Vortron's Parent Company) compressor technology in designing the Model-U Hydrogen ICE. Also contains an article describing three different shapes of air-knives ("Tubular", "Box", and "Teardrop") which can be used in air-knife systems for a variety of liquid and dust removal applications.

Supercharged Aircraft to Make History

April 2003 - A Vortech supercharged aircraft will attempt to circumnavigate the globe faster than any single-engine aircraft in history.

Blower Efficiency

March 2003 - Gives a detailed explanation as to why Vortron's blower systems are more energy-efficient than a traditional compressed air system. Also contains an overview of applications.

Energy Savings, Vegetable Processing

Feb 2003 - A program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies points towards the use of high-effficiency blow-off/air-knife systems as part of an energy-saving process. Also introduces the application of air-knife drying systems to vegetable processing.

"Fresh-Aire" System Increases Blower Durability

Jan 2003

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