Process Air Solutions designs and manufactures complete blower and air knife systems based on the unique requirements of each customer. As an alternative to ineffective, low velocity, and/or low flow air blow off systems, our air knife systems provide an optimized balance of air velocity and mass flow. This balance is required for optimum performance in applications such as continuous coating control, cooling, debris removal, air drying and many others.

  • Energy Savings - Aeration Case Study

    Process Air Solutions delivers proven energy savings! See the Tank Aeration Case Study showing how we helped a customer secure grant funding from Southern California Edison and the US Department of Agriculture REAP program by upgrading tank aeration systems to a high-efficiency design.

  • Energy Savings - Sun-Maid Raisin Case Study

    See the Sun-Maid Raisin Case Study showing how Sun-Maid Raisin in Kingsburg, CA worked with DC Energy Services and Process Air Solutions to achieve $300,000 in annual energy savings plus $800,000 in the form of a California FPIP grant.

  • Demand Side Audits

    Compressed Air Demand Side Audit!

    A large portion of Compressed Air is used inappropriately in U.S. Industry. As an extension to the Analysis and Audits, we identify and provide solutions to improve your compressed air usage, and ultimately improve processes and energy savings. Read More

  • Blower Sizing

    Select the RIGHT AirPower Blower for your Application!

    Proper blower selection is highly dependent on system design and the ultimate performance objective, be it for air-knife use, fluidized bed, pond aeration, or one of many other possible applications. Vortron is always available to assist with system development and application recommendations. Guidelines specific to Air-Knife applications are also available. Read more.

  • Compressor Design and Testing

    How Does Vortron Differ from the Competition? Read More

  • Typical Applications

    Vacuum Hoist and Lifts, Soil Remediation, Sparging, Box Packers, Laundry Ironing, and More Read More