Round Knife Blow-Off Fixture

Process Air Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of a new low pressure, non-contact, blow off fixture. We are patent pending on a stainless steel fixture that can be setup for air cooling or liquid removal on continuous production applications. 

Process Air Solutions Round Air Knife Blow Off Fixture

The “Process Air Round Knife Blow Off Fixture” is unique in several areas:

  • Target. This item is designed to be used with our Vortron single stage centrifugal blower. Industrial water removal processes are presently being accomplished with several types of systems using 40 PSIG regulated pressures from the 100-125 PSIG plant compressed air supply. We can match and improve the process, usually with required operating pressures below 3 PSIG. This creates a huge reduction in process utility costs.  This fixture provides a 360° converging point air impact pattern. We can change the air delivery angles to best accomplish product cooling or water removal.
  • Flexibility. We design and supply the correct fixture for each operation. We have different air impact patterns with interchangeable fixture caps. The fixture can be used at operating pressures up to 15 PSIG. We can adjust the gap range from .010” to .350” to ensure the lowest required pressure and the least number of fixtures.
  • Zero Maintenance. The fixture is stainless steel. Water removal occurs in front of our fixture before that section of the cable or tubing enters the fixture bore. We do not buildup water mineral deposits that must be wired brushed to maintain fixture performance. The fixture is totally non-contact. If there is a coating flaw or lump it passes through the fixture bore without incident. The fixture doesn’t break open and hope to relatch in order to restore the blow off function. This fixture will never wear out or need to be replaced.
  • Quiet Enclosures. We can supply stainless steel containment enclosures to collect and drain the fluids removed from the product. Our enclosures have provisions for vent air mufflers lower the operating noise levels of the process. We can supply multiple blow-off fixtures in a single containment enclosure.