Air Curtain Blowers

It is possible to reduce the expense of using compressed air. Running a compressor can be costly over time, especially once if it develops leaks or other losses in efficiency. An industrial blower often is a much better choice. We can move the same volume to 3 PSI at 10% of the operating costs.

Process Air Solutions supplies the range of blowers needed to work for your exact application. From single stage regenerative, through super charger and high-speed air foil blowers to multistage centrifugal equipment, we can match the correct blower to your air curtain blower application. Industry focus is rapidly changing to blowers as they see an improvement in productivity and a reduction in costs in terms of utilities costs and man hours.

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Air Curtain Blower

Curtains prevent air pollution, contamination and maintain temperature control. An air curtain blower can also provide these regulated conditions. For example, heat loss that occurs when a conveyor moves parts into a curing oven can be remedied. Powerful curtains of blowing air create a separation between the two environments of the conveyor and the oven while stilling allowing proper movement of components.

Other applications for this type of industrial blower include keeping insects or other contaminating particles away from your production, maintaining clean rooms, or stabilizing temperature levels in refrigerated or other controlled areas. A properly sized unit can positively affect the quality of your work and can provide an affordable way to improve production.

Airpower Air Knives

We can design the air knife system you need for an uninterrupted air curtain that provides optimal pattern control, balancing velocity and mass flow, efficient and ideal for this and other applications. Exit velocities range from 10,000 to 45,000 feet per minute and intelligent aerodynamic profiles guarantee that you'll obtain the velocity and laminar flow required for the application.

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