Industrial Blower Updates

Converting Industrial Blow-Off Systems from being powered by 100 PSI compressed air to Point of Use centrifugal blowers can save over 60% on energy costs and improve process performance. Today's industrial blower units are 30% more effective than those produced just a few years ago, so a new unit can be a smart investment in your business. Process Air Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the right industrial blowers for their applications, which often include:

  • Curing
  • Cooling
  • Cable Drying
  • Heating
  • Static control
  • Cleaning

We can help you determine the type of industrial centrifugal blowers or other products that will best suit your needs. Many times, customers discover that replacing outdated equipment with newer technology results in cleaner air, quicker results, fewer man-hours spent on drying or other blowing applications, and reduced utility costs. Discover how investing in new equipment now may lead to significant savings in the long term by reviewing the information on our site today. We offer blowers from 3 to 3500 horsepower in any voltage required.

Air Knife System

Capable of significantly increasing air impact volumes at pressure, our low pressure air knives and nozzle arrays are one of the most effective ways to accomplish energy saving air drying and other tasks. You'll discover many advantages of these systems as compared to using plant compressed air. For example, a properly engineered air knife system can produce three or four times worth of process improvement compared to your compressor driven system and still operate at a fraction of the electrical cost, allowing you to use your valuable 100 PSIG compressor less often, saving it for those applications for which it is required. One should consider the large potential reduction in annual operating costs and not simply the initial investment to arrive at an accurate representation of ROI. A well-designed industrial blower will provide years of service at lower costs in terms of utility consumption and required man hours. Process Air Solutions can help you find the right configuration for your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our products.

Industrial Centrifugal Blowers

All of our centrifugal blowers are 100% oil free air. Using plant air supply can contaminate the blow off with oil and condensate. Industrial centrifugal blowers are highly effective in improving air quality. These compact units are durable, cost-efficient, and they get the job done. Learn more about the proven results available with the use of our centrifugal blowers. From our low pressure cooling blowers to our most powerful 30 PSI, compact units, discover improved productivity and other benefits. Rely on Process Air Solutions for your air moving needs.

Low Pressure Cooling Blowers

For a cleaner environment, quieter operation, and compact unit, consider a lower-pressure blower. These air cooling fixtures deliver with lower noise, no contamination, and expense you may have experienced with other models. Process Air Solutions supplies high-performance low pressure cooling blowers designed for your exact needs.

Our equipment is backed by a two-year non-prorated warranty and the technical support data that will assure you that you're making a wise investment. To upgrade your air knife system or to explore all of your equipment options, contact us. Find out more about Process Air Solutions and our commitment to your success.