Air Knife System

When your application calls for a versatile configuration, small total footprint, and powerful performance, then air knives may be the best choice. Air knife blowers can be designed for a variety of space requirements and purposes. Among the most popular applications of this blower type are the following:

  • Coating control
  • Drying
  • Liquid blow off
  • Debris removal
  • Static control

There are other possible uses as long as you work with a knowledgeable provider capable of matching your needs with available technology. An air knife system is a smart investment. If you're in need of a better way to cool, coat, dry, or clean your components or products, then these systems are a good option for you. Talk to a representative of Process Air Solutions or review the detailed information on our site to learn more.

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Air Knife Blowers

This type of blower has definite advantages over compressed air. For example, the cost of operation of air knife blowers usually is a fraction of total cost for compressor use because of the dramatically lower need for power to generate the same amount of flow. You'll also likely experience a more effective result because cleaner, drier air will flow to your intended target. This means that jobs such as aluminum extrusion cooling are accomplished with more speed and less manual labor. Lastly, you can reserve use of your compressor for those applications for which it is best suited, extending its life. Consider the advantages, and you'll understand why these systems are worth investigating.

Aluminum Extrusion Cooling

Achieving a high-quality finished product depends on the effectiveness of every step in the process. Incorporating a proper way to cool your extrusions is no exception. While you may have tried other methods, industry experience and data back the wisdom of utilizing an air knife system. These systems are ideal for this application and improve overall efficiency.

Process Air Solutions often works with plants who handle aluminum extrusion cooling. You can use our experience to your advantage and find a customized solution that optimizes your operations. Contact us today to discuss how our advanced, high-performance products can exceed your expectations.