Air Knife Drying

If your production process includes a dry-off phase, then it's vital to your quality and your productivity that you find the most efficient means for getting this done. While there are several available techniques for final fluid removal, air knives have proven to be the best.

These systems can generate five to ten times the volume than you would typically expect from a compressor, even when your compressing equipment is running at peak performance. This means that you get your pieces dry faster and at less cost because you avoid the power demands required to generate compressed air. In addition, air knife drying is accomplished with cleaner air than what you may get from running your compressor and pulling in wet, oily, or otherwise contaminated flow from your plant.

Many of our customers have replaced their older systems with this updated technology and have discovered the remarkable difference in efficiency, reduced costs, and increased productivity. Contact Process Air Solutions today to learn what our products can do for you.

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Fluid Removal Air Knives & Nozzle Arrays

Chasing inefficiencies from your production is your job as a plant owner or manager. When a smart solution comes to your attention, it's an easy decision to make the switch. Fluid removal air knives are a proven, cost-effective way to reduce dry time, achieve a cleaner, more satisfactory end result, and save significantly on utilities. If you haven't explored the technology behind today's systems, then spend a short time reviewing the data at our Process Air Solutions site. You'll be pleased to see that a small investment in air knife drying can lead to an attractive long-term return on investment. In addition, you'll be assured that your purchase will stand the test of time because Process Air Solutions offers a two-year, non-prorated warranty. We're confident about the quality of every product that we offer, so you can be, too. Learn more by exploring our site today.

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