Extrusion Air Cooling

Extrusions produced at high temperature must be cooled properly to maintain the quality of the product's finish and other vital characteristics. Several options for the cool-down process exist, but extrusion air cooling using blowers along your conveyors is a notably simple, efficient choice. Blowers help move the air's currents evenly around the intended parts, and the flow can be adjusted according to the needs of your specific application. This process of conveyor air cooling is integrated into production with little effort, yet it provides outstanding results. Learn more by reviewing the product information provided here.

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Air Cooling Fixtures

Process Air Solutions can provide the equipment you need to maximize productivity in your plant. For comprehensive blow off systems, including air cooling fixtures, you'll discover a wide range of options available at ProcessAirSolutions.com. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so we work hard to bring you only the products that are backed by thorough technical support data.

You'll find much of this data available for your own review on our site, but you may also contact us with questions about which products might be best suited for your needs. From an extrusion air cooling fixture to a debris removal system or other blow off equipment, Process Air Solutions is here as your reliable supplier.

Conveyor Air Cooling

Ensuring even temperature reduction of extruded metal or plastics can be challenging, so it's a smart strategy to pay particular attention to this part of the process. Air cooling fixtures outfitted with appropriate blowers along your conveyors are a reliable, effective method for cool-down needs. Here are a few requirements for this arrangement to work most efficiently:

  • Parts must be exposed to the blow off for an adequate time period
  • Air flow must be sufficient to dry all parts equally
  • Conveyor air cooling flow on the blowers should be adjustable
  • Blow off should result in a clean, dry, cooler surface

A system that meets these demands will be a valuable addition toward total productivity of your plant.

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