Low Pressure Cooling Fixtures

When you need a solution that will cool or dry your components without excessive noise or damage caused by too much current, then you should consider a lower-pressure blower. Low pressure blowers are ideal for applications in which you require gentle, consistent drying or cool-down processes. This type of blower can be mounted into a fixture, which then operates as a stand-alone unit or can be placed with multiple other fixture pieces inside containment housing.

For even greater flexibility, low pressure cooling fixtures can be integrated into your conveyor system, creating the most efficient production process possible. Process Air Solutions offers unique advantages over its competition. Our designs include patented technology that allows you the ultimate flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. Learn more by browsing our site for detailed descriptions of our products and some of their uses.

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Low Pressure Blowers

Working with this type of blower offers many distinct advantages. First, low pressure blowers can operate almost silently when compared to other blower types. Specialized mufflers and stainless steel containment systems dramatically reduce the amount of noise that escapes into the environment. Limiting additional noise generation is an obvious benefit in an already noisy industrial environment.

Second, these units are small and can be configured to your exact needs. Pressures can be adjusted for optimal results, and in addition, impact patterns can be changed and customized. Another advantage is that the systems offered by Process Air Solutions are designed for a nearly maintenance-free life cycle. By using durable stainless steel and with careful design, these low pressure cooling fixtures resist or eliminate problems that you may have faced with previous equipment.

Review the Process Air Solutions site to learn more about the substantial savings of energy and manpower that you can achieve by upgrading your equipment.

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