Regenerative Blower, Lower Initial Investment

We offer competitively priced single and two stage regenerative blowers, used for pressure or vacuum applications. These are available up to 30 horsepower in stock.

Though a regenerative blower is less efficient and creates more heat than a centrifugal blower, it is less expensive, as some projects might not warrant more expensive energy saving air drying equipment. Regenerative blowers from Process Air Solutions can be cross-referenced with most competitive equipment. Dimensional drawings can be provided. Contact us to discuss your application needs.

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Centrifugal Air Blower
Industrial Centrifugal Blowers

Replace your Multistage Centrifugal Blower

Meeting flow and pressure requirements while saving energy costs is a sure-fire proposition with our compact centrifugal blowers that offer better durability for extended life, up to 90% plant energy cost reduction, targeted performance for greater blow-off effectiveness, and more. Proven through exhaustive testing and capable of outperforming the multistage centrifugal blower, these high-efficiency next-generation models are perform as competitive single stage products can't. Review the specifications on this improvement over the multistage. Centrifugal blower fixtures are available also. See the details about "Process Air Round Knife Blow-Off Fixture," designed to match and improve on industrial water-removal processes of many other systems and capable of providing significant savings in energy costs.

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Energy Saving Air Drying

Whether your application is better suited to a centrifugal or regenerative blower, you can count on Process Air Solutions to provide options that represent the latest technology available, assistance in selecting the right option for your industrial needs, and time, honesty and integrity as we support your efforts to lower energy costs while optimizing production and quality.

Contact us. We'll be happy to discuss all energy saving air drying equipment and fixtures, reviewing data to help you make the right decision. Phone, fax, email or complete the form provided. You can request an e-quote, report a problem or submit any suggestions. We're interested in fostering a long-term business relationship with you and welcome any inquiries.