Industrial Centrifugal Blowers

This specialized type of blower produces superior results when used for applications such as exhaust of undesirable vapors, heat, or contaminants, among other uses. Industrial centrifugal blowers dissipate contaminated air, keeping your environment within acceptable limits. They ensure the proper application of coatings, curing agents, and other substances and are effective in electrostatic painting, drying, and agitation. For durability and advanced features that allow greater energy efficiency, this style of blower is a smart choice. Process Air Solutions is experienced in providing blower systems to all industries, for powder coat preparation and nearly any other process relevant to your plant. Rely on our expertise to help you get the equipment to improve your processes.

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Electrostatic Painting, Drying, and Agitation

For metal finishing, the proper blower can measurably reduce production time. Industrial centrifugal blowers can make the application of paint and other coatings more effective by properly preparing the surface for the next step in the process. In addition, this type of blower can be useful in keeping materials in constant movement or in an agitated state. This is important for applications including electrostatic painting, drying, and agitation as motion is necessary in order to keep the material available and applied at the proper rate.

Process Air Solutions specialists will assist you in selecting individual blowing units or entire plant systems, so contact us today to learn more.

Powder Coat Preparation

Successfully manufacturing the hard, durable finish obtained through the powder coat technique depends on complete preparation of the surface, and our blowers can be an invaluable means of consistently optimal results.

Powder coat preparation involves numerous steps depending on the material used, and each must be carried out fully or the ultimate finish will fail. The right blower improves oven curing, spray application, dry time, cleaning and other processes along the way to producing an outstanding final coating. Find out more. Review details about Process Air Solutions products and the technical data provided throughout the site.