Process Air Solutions, providing total engineered solutions to your air movement and drying needs, can design complete air-knife systems for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Our air-knives are engineered to provide a highly concentrated laminar flow that exits the air-knife nozzle as an uninterrupted continuous air curtain with a well-controlled pattern. As an alternative to ineffective, low-velocity, and/or low-flow air blow-off systems, our Air-Knife Systems provide an optimized balance of air velocity and mass flow. This balance is required for effective and efficient performance in applications such as continuous coating control, cooling (air quench) and debris removal, as well as air drying and many others.

Air Knife Features

  • Superior air-flow capacity with efficiencies exceeding 95%.
  • Optimum aerodynamic design with extended edge (Coanda effect) to achieve high velocity and laminar flow.
  • Exit velocities from 10,000 to 45,000 ft/min.
  • Reduces energy consumption by improving overall system efficiency.

Air Knife Dimensional Data

Gap Size: Standard air knife gaps: 0.035", 0.045" - Custom sizes from 0.020" to 0.070" are possible.

Finish: Both stainless steel and aluminum air knives are polished.

Air Knife Inlet Length: Standard length is 8" - Optional lengths up to 18".
8-inch Air Knife Inlet Length 18-inch Optional Air Knife Inlet Length

Model Micro-Body Air Knife Drawing Extruded Air Knife Drawing Diamond Small-Body Air Knife Drawing Diamond Large-Body Air Knife Drawing
Inlet OD 1.5" 2.0" 2.0" 3.0"
Manifold OD 2.5" 3.0" 3.5" 5.5"
Height 3.5" 5.75" 6.0" 10.0"
Length Up to 30" Up to 60" Up to 60" Up to 154"
Material Stainless
Aluminum Stainless

Air Knife Measurements Air-Knife Measurements:

This illustration the manifold OD and height measurements for an aluminum extruded air knife. For the diamond air knife models, the manifold OD is the upper-right side (as shown above); the height is the lower-right side. The Micro-Body air knife manifold OD is the top of the triangle, and the height is measured along the right side, or the extended edge of the air knife. For all air knife models, the length is considered to be the effective length, not including the inlets.

Available Inlet Orientations
Right Hand
Right Hand Air Knife Inlet
Vertical Middle
Vertical Middle Air Knife Inlet
90° Option
Air Knife with 90-Degree Middle Inlet
Left Hand
Left Hand Air Knife Inlet
Vertical Middle

Dual Inlet and Vertical Middle Inlet Air Knife
45° Option
Air Knife with 45-Degree Middle Inlet
Dual Air Knife Inlet
Dual, Vertical Middle
Dual Vertical Middle Inlet Air Knife
Dual, Dual Vertical
Dual Inlet and Dual Vertical Middle Inlet Air Knife