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Centrifugal blowers and properly sized air knives can reduce the
consumed motor horsepower 80%. A 5hp, 3 PSI blower and air knife can do the work of 50HP worth of 100 PSI compressed air. Realizing a savings of @ *$18,500.00 annually. (*$.06/kwh, 8760/yr).


Compressed Air Demand Side Audit

A large portion of Compressed Air is used inappropriately in U.S. Industry.
As an extension to the Analysis and Audits, we identify and provide
solutions to improve your compressed air usage, and ultimately improve
processes and energy savings.

In the Demand Audit, we perform a thorough analysis of the
compressed air applications in your facility. We determine the minimum
practical pressure required for each process, review the method used to
control and deliver air, and recommend solutions.

Demand Side Audit includes:
-Review of any blow-off use of compressed air. Applications of debris
and water removal operations are extremely inefficient uses of compressed air.
-Review artificial pressure losses to the production process that
reduce manifold pressures. If the correct size control and delivery devices
are used the delivered pressure losses can be reduced.
-We look for applications where plant compressed air is used for
fluid agitation and size regenerative blowers to replace the use
of the plant air supply.
-Identify vacuum generators that use plant air to provide point of use
vacuum. They are a very inefficient use of compressed air. If your facility has
many of these units, we can consolidate the demand and recommend the
proper type of vacuum equipment to eliminate the consumption of
compressed air and improve the vacuum performance.

Costs for demand side audits will vary with the size of the facility.
Initial Daily rate is $1,500 plus expenses.