September, 2004

Volume 3, Issue 4

Vortron Introduces New AirPower® Z40e Centrifugal Blower

Channel Islands, CA – Vortron has always maintained: “You will never see our product line becoming stagnant.” Well, even though Vortron’s AirPower® product line already performed well ahead of all other competing products, it’s now even better. Vortron’s new Z40e blower supercedes the original Z40, and delivers enhanced flowrate capacity and a peak operating efficiency island of 80%! The new Z40e now attains operating points well above 120” H2O at flow rates up to 1600 SCFM. These operating points are achieved at or near peak operating efficiency! No other manufacturer has ever offered, nor to this day offers a blower product that can match this level of performance with a single stage machine. The Z40e is now in full production and has been shipping since July, 2004.

Vortron currently offers the Z40e in up to 25HP motor size. Rob Anderson, Vortron’s Product Line Manager and Senior Technologist stated, “Even though our Z40 offered industry ‘best-in-class’ performance, we were receiving an increasing number of requests for system operating points above and beyond our peak efficiency range of the Z40.” Being sensitive to the market, Vortron decided to see what could be done. Said Anderson, “we had recently experienced great success in widening the operating range while also gaining several points of operating efficiency on one of Vortech’s [Vortron’s Parent Company] supercharger products. We were quite confident that we could employ some of the same developmental ‘lessons learned’ and achieve similar results with the Z40.” The rest, as they say, is history.


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Vortron Blower Sails Past 1-Year Durability Mark

On 19 August 2004, Vortron’s Durability Test Unit 0030 surpassed 8,760 total runtime hours. This represents a full 365-day, 24-hour continuous duty operation. Unit 0030 has been operating continuously, other than shutdown for routine maintenance, since 8/15/03. The 20HP unit runs at 20,000 RPM and 100” H2O.

Vortron to Exhibit at Michigan Trade Show

Vortron will be exhibiting with Kerr Pump and Supply at the Western Michigan Plant Engineering and Maintenance Show at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, MI, October 20 – 21. Vortron’s new Mobile-Aire™ blower air-knife system will be on display. Look for a feature story on the new Mobile-Aire in an upcoming issue of Air Superiority News.